Importance of Painting Properly

The importance of painting properly has always been underestimated. It is, without a doubt, the most cost effective way to renovate a residence. Some decisions require a lot of thought before starting this process. For example, should I hire a professional, or am I qualified enough to do it myself? In some cases, consulting a professional is the better way to go. They have better equipment and understand all of the technicalities that may be involved in this endeavor. Always keep in mind that the right kind of brushes and the preparation of the surface to be painted are very important things to consider. The surface has to be completely smooth. All surfaces should be coated with a primer of some kind.

There are basically two types of paints; water-based or latex based paints, and mineral spirit based or alkyd paints. Latex paint has now gained a lot of importance as these are environmentally viable and can be cleaned easily. The amount of volatile organic compound emitted is negligible. It is the best option for painting Kitchener interiors. The sheen of the paint should also be considered while buying paint. However, latex paints dry faster than the alkyd paints; hence it shows more brush strokes.

Alkyd paints or oil based paints give off a lot of volatile organic compound and are considered hazardous. These are very expensive and there use is restricted. These are used in areas that are prone to damage. Alkyd paints have more sheen and are even more durable. They should only be applied in an outdoor setting.

Other components of paint are resins, pigment and additives. The quality of paint is decided by the amount of solvent in it. Cheaper paints contain a very high amount of solvent; thereby reducing the amount of pigment and resin. Pigments and resins give the paint its different colors. Such paints require at least four coating for it to be effective.

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