Different Paint Effects to Play With

There are lots of different paint effects that you can employ to give your home a little more depth and character. You can play with colour and textures in many different ways. What are these different ways?

Different types of paint 

  • Type of paint ie glossy paint vs low sheen paint.
  • Glazes give a glow or sheen to walls. They're more transparent than washes.
  • Washes are like normal paint that's been thinned and is more susceptible to showing brush marks that adds texture.
Different techniques for various effects

Broken colour effects

By layering two colours you can get a mottled or textured effect, or by having one colour and applying a glaze in broken layers.

Sponge painting

Apply a base coat then use a sponge to apply a wash or glaze (or another colour of paint). More than one type of paint can be used. Or, you can use the sponge to create texture after a complete layer of paint has been applied, by 'sponging off' some paint before it's completely dried.

Rag painting and rolling

Using a crumpled cloth, this technique gives the walls an effect of material - velvet, silk, etc. You can get different effects with different materials. Start with a solid base colour and then choose between 'ragging on' and 'ragging off'.

Ragging on means you apply the paint with the rag, ragging off means you paint normally and lift off some paint with a rag.

Then there's rag rolling, where you roll the cloth and then dip it into the paint. This rolled cloth then becomes your roller as you apply the paint by rolling the rolled cloth across the walls.

Many other effects

Your professional painter can advise you and show you examples or various other effects, so post a job today to find painters and get quotes.






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